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Just Dance: Our Guide to the Ultimate Party Playlist

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Every great party has a pumping dancefloor and for that, you need an epic playlist

If you have been tasked with getting your guests shakin’ it like a polaroid picture for an upcoming event and you’re not sure where to start then you’re in luck because our team of event planning experts are here to help. We’ve put together our top playlist planning tips and rallied our Ellerslie Events troops to tell us what their favourite song is to report for D-floor duty. Keep reading for perfect playlist additions that will have your guests singing like Lionel……all night long that is.

Things to consider

  1. Keep up the tempo and pump up the volume (ish): To keep the dance floor boppin, plan your playlist based on energy levels. Kick off the party with high-energy tunes, maintain the momentum with a mix of tempos, and finish strong with tracks that will have everyone on their feet until the last beat hmm drooooops. Volume-wise, you want people who are just never going to get up and dance (even if Tay Tay was performing live herself) to be able to hold a conversation whilst keeping those dancefloor loyalists suitably happy, it’s a balance, so start with a moderate volume to allow for socialising and increase as the energy builds. But do ensure you’re staying in line with your venue’s regulations and are respectful to your neighbours (hello noise control).
  2. Know your audience: Get a feel for what your guests enjoy and curate a playlist that resonates with them. Whether it’s a family gathering, a school reunion, or a corporate event, having a better understanding will help you tailor the music to their liking.
  3. Timeless Classics vs. Current Hits: Strike the perfect balance between timeless classics and current chart-toppers. Mix those classic jams with modern tunes for a playlist that hits all the right notes. Crafting a playlist that speaks to the different gens will ensure nobody’s evacuating the dancefloor.
  4. Mix it up: Keep guests guessing. Put together your party playlist with a mix of musical genres – RnB, pop, rock, alt rock, electronic – so. many. options! So spin that record babe and leave it all on the dancefloor as they say.

Not sure where to start? Check out our teams’ top picks for the ultimate party playlist

  • Olivia Kinley (Executive General Manager – Marketing) – Start Me Up The Rolling Stones
  • Paul Wilcox (CEO – Ellerslie Events) – Pour Some Sugar on Me  Def Leopard
  • Brooke Cartwright (Assistant Brand Manager – Marketing) – Sweet Caroline  Neil Diamond
  • Bailey Maydon (Account Manager) – Says ‘Anything with  Pitbull’
  • Laura Madden – (Senior Marketing Manager) – Wagon Wheel   Darius Rucker
  • Kate Jackson – (Account Manager – Raceday & Ticketing) – Blank Space   Taylor Swift
  • Soraya Gurney (Marketing Executive) – Toxic   Britney Spears
  • Zayani Senevirathne (Account Manager)- Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus
  • Ani Sipu (Senior Account Manager – Events & Projects) – Footloose  Kenny Loggins
  • Craig Fenwick (Executive General Manager – Hospitality & Events) – Lose Control  Teddy Swims

Here at Ellerslie Events, we have the knowledge, passion and experience as well as the perfect location to make your next event one to remember. Get in touch with one of our team members today and take the stress out of the planning process so instead you can just focus on nailing that perfect party playlist.


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