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Welcome to our all-new ‘Spotlight Series’ where we’re going to be bringing you an in-depth look at some of our most popular spaces here at Ellerslie Event Centre.

If big is what you’re after – our ‘jack of all trades’ space, the Newmarket Room is our pick of the bunch.

The Newmarket Room is an ideal venue for larger events including conferences, breakfasts, luncheons, awards dinners, AGMs, expos, and trade shows.

Located on the ground floor of the Ellerslie Stand, the Newmarket Room has the added benefit that it’s easily accessible for elaborate or heavy set ups – read: your team won’t be schlepping things up and down stairs or into elevators. There’s even the the added option of displaying vehicles.

The indoor-outdoor flow onto the Newmarket Lawn also makes this room ideal for team-building activities – the space really is there to make your own.

The escalators in the centre of the room offer an easy flow between all three floors of the Ellerslie Stand, and can act as a feature in their own right facilitating an eye catching entrance (grad balls we’re looking at you!) plus the room features the option of two drop-down screens with hanging projectors.



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